Thursday, 19 September 2013

What IT Professionals think of the Threat of Data Breach?

In the recent survey, almost 50 percent of the IT experts have said that organizations are not taking sufficient steps to restrict data loss. The survey was based on a sample size of One Thousand IT professional, nearly 450 of these IT experts claimed that they do not believe that if an organization is hit by a data breach incident; they will not be able to notify their clients on time. These IT professionals further added that the majority of the businesses that are running in different places are not equipped with enough security tools to tackle the threats of data security. The study was conducted by Oracle.

The results of the study are somewhat terrifying for the companies around the world that are dealing with some kind of business regarding information. The results reveal that the IT experts are rating the threats of a data breach of breach quite higher, probably more than the expectations of a common man. The outcome of the study suggests that the companies around the world are unable to estimate the value of data of loss or the need to make the data secure. The IT managers who were chosen for the interview claimed that they have better security measures to deal with the leakage as compared to their competitors.

Only 33 percent of the compliance accepted that have weaker security measures than the other firms in the industry and 42 percent of the IT departments accepted the same facts. They also said that the situation will get worse after a year or more, not on the next day of the data breach. As IT experts rate data breach threat quite high, it is better to use security software that offers the facility of Folder Locking. If you are an individual or a small scale company, that does not mean that your data safe secure. Last year almost 31 percent of the data was breached or theft out of the companies that had less than 100 employees.

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